Can I Retire? – Stock Loss Blog Mission Statement

March 21, 2011

Through fifty or so posts, I’ve discussed a number of investment and corporate governance related concepts trying to keep investors informed about buyouts, fiduciary duties, investment vehicles, etc.  It wasn’t until I read this article that the reason for this blog really dawned on me.Ultimately, this blog is dedicated to helping people keep and/or recovery money that is invested in the stock market.  Most investors invest so that they can eventually retire.  So, the root of this blog is helping people prevent, recover and/or inform people of their investment losses.

Generally, people invest prudently, putting money into a 401(k) account, IRA account and/or hand money to a financial advisor to ensure that their money is responsibly invested.

Nevertheless, most investors do not actively monitor their investments, and often don’t know that they’ve lost money until they receive their monthly/quarterly statements.  This blog is here to help.
It is meant to be an information source for investors.

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