Did Google Pay Enough for Motorola?

August 16, 2011

Amid the fawning over the premium that Google is paying for Motorola Mobility, it’s worth looking at the leverage that Motorola had over Google.   Obviously, Google needed Motorola for strategic purposes in connection with the Android phone.

Could Motorola have gotten more money?  Could Motorola have entered into a joint venture with Google so that its future profits could be shared with Motorola stockholders?

Salas Wang LLC is currently investigating the possibility that the Motorola board breached its fiduciary duties to its stockholders by agreeing to Google’s deal terms without maximizing shareholder value.

If you own Motorola Mobility stock and are interested in exploring your options, you can call us at 312.803.4963 or e-mail Jeffrey Salas at jsalas@salaswang.com.


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