Stockbroker Fraud

Did You Lose Money Through Peregrine Financial Group?

February 15, 2012

Salas Wang LLC is investigating claims against Peregrine Financial and its introducing  brokers, Clash Financial LLC , Oxford Trading Group, California Capital Trading Group LLC, and Patriot Financial Markets LLC.  The National Futures Association fined Peregrine because, according to the NFA’s complaint, its introducing brokers: routinely recommended trades and trading strategies that maximized commissions without regard for the best interests […]

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Citigroup Documents Show Broker Manipulation

January 16, 2012

The NY Times had a great article this weekend about how Citi sold its ASTA/MAT municipal arbitrage securities.  The article explained how risky these securities were, and how Citi hid that risk from investors.  Specifically, the article quoted a Citi broker that said: I’m sure a great deal of time and energy went into the […]

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Behringer Harvard REIT Investigation Ramps Up

January 13, 2012

Salas Wang LLC was already investigating and bringing cases for investments in Behringer Harvard.  But, as the Investment News points out, Behringer Harvard is actually starting to admit that its investors lost 60% of their original investment.  Our investigation has been focused on the details of the investment that brokers aren’t telling their clients.  Specifically, […]

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