Salas Wang LLC

Salas Wang LLC is a law firm dedicated to serving investors in securities matters and businesses in immigration and litigation matters.

At Salas Wang LLC we know that it takes more than solid legal support to help a client with their financial, business, and immigration matters – we bring results.  We consistently deliver quality work and quality results so that our clients can rest at ease.

Salas Wang LLC is dedicated to helping you succeed.

Securities Arbitration/Litigation:   Salas Wang LLC represents investors who have been damaged by financial advisors and their brokerage firms’ supervisory procedures.  Investor claims against stockbrokers include claims for: breach of fiduciary duty, unsuitability, violations of state securities laws, asset allocation, churning (excessive trading), and margin losses.  We will also review your portfolio for free to assess whether you have any claims against your broker.  And, for companies that you own stock in, we can review any possible claims for harm to that company and /or its stockholders.  We can also review any claims you have as a shareholder of a private company.  We’ll work with you to determine if you’ve been a victim of financial fraud.

Business Litigation:  The firm’s lawyers have also represented clients in state and federal courts across the nation.  With experience litigating (and winning) against the nation’s largest firms with competitive rates, Salas Wang LLC gives litigants excellent representation at a fraction of the cost of large firms.

Immigration:  Salas Wang LLC’s attorneys will also represent businesses and individuals in all types of immigration matters.  Whether you or your company has an employment immigration, family member immigration, and/or investor immigration issue, Salas Wang LLC can handle your immigration needs.  We will also give a free consultation and an honest opinion of your immigration case.